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Insult that suggests someone likes to blow on a cock. Can be used in any occasion.
Dude you knocked over my drink you freakin cockwhistle.
by Arrozador July 30, 2008
1 0
Someone who enjoys the act of sucking penis. A person who is an asshole and just tends to be a douche bag.
Kristina loves to suck any mans cock (Whore), There for, She is a Cock Whistle.
by CootieBooty February 02, 2009
10 4
Very similar to the female queef , it occurs when air becomes trapped down the urethra and escapes. The resulting sound is a very airy whistle. Similar to wind blowing through an old building making a whistling noise.
Girl- Did you hear that?

Boy- shut up baby its just a cock whistle
by Wardycus April 04, 2012
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