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A washer of cocks through oral pleasure. Also a derogatory term aimed at feminine or simply aggravating males.
"Shut yer' mouth cockwash"
by RITH March 31, 2005
I chick sucking your penis is called a ccok wash. It is the act of having your penis cleaned via oral sex. The background of this term is derived from South Philadelphia, Pa., USA
Hey Johnny, did Christine give you a cock wash last night?
by ed jude February 16, 2005
A collective term for Pandas.
Look at that cockwash of Pandas, there's 4 of them.
by Bill Pickelburg April 04, 2012
This is a phenomenon similar to backwash. It occurs when a male ejaculates in the vagina of a woman and as he pulls out there is some residual sperm mixed in with vaginal lubricant.
That felt good... oh geez look at all the cockwash!
by beardedclamman June 02, 2010
Its when you only wash your cock after fucking your gf instead of taking shower.
Jim: I had such an intense orgasm woow (gets up and walks to the washroom)
Mary: Are you going to take shower?
Jim: Naa a cockwash would do it..
by jimissobored August 03, 2014
Worthless stuff.
Dave - "How was the meeting this afternoon, mate?"

Eddie - "Oh you know, the gaffer was spouting the usual load of old cockwash".
by Robbo1964 April 26, 2012
when you have to clean up after particularly long, dirty or brutal sex, you have to run a cock wash.
aww man, wait here babe, i got to go run a cock wash
by jchronic October 16, 2007
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