The strange moment following a brief interaction or run-in with a male you have had sexual relations with.
One night stand comes up to you and five friends sitting at a table, to interrupt and say his 'hellos', and everyone turns to look at him; cockwardly.
by beepee March 21, 2013
The definition of "cockward" is having a spontaneous erection or boner in highly awkward situations, such as a funeral, job interview or even a wedding.
Drake: "Dude, that funeral was terrible I had a boner the whole time."

Ringo: "That must have been so cockward."
by LookMaNoHands2594 December 19, 2010
a word used to describe an awkward sexual encounter/situation

sometimes used as an alternative to awkward without any sexual instances involved
Macy: "we were going to have sex, but his penis wouldnt get hard."
Penelope: "Yikes, that must have been cockward."
by AlCam2000 June 29, 2010
acting strange the first time you have gay sex
"yeah steve and i were about to get it on but he was so cockward!!"
by a_scientist April 22, 2009
anything awkward having to do with cock (sex, cockblocking, guys defending territory, etc)
"did you see that guy trying to get with his best friend's ex? yeah, that was so cockward."
by carleeta November 17, 2006
Doing and saying all the wrong things arrogantly with complete self assurance.
With every date he becomes more cockward.
by L. Brooks April 16, 2007
Used predominantly in the Classic Rock fandom, "cockward" (or cockwardness) is a term used to describe an awkward bulge picture where one's pants may be a tad too tight to accommodate one's package.
Pete Townshend is the king of cockwardness. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him that wasn't pitifully cockward.
by Shrek is Dreck June 10, 2015
The moment something sexually unappealing makes you lose your erection,Or turns you off before your even get turned on.
She took off her bra and those titties sagged to her stomach. That was too cockward!!
by get.durty September 30, 2014

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