Top Definition
when a laptop lays on your boner whilst use.
Man, i love the warm feeling on my crotch when using my cocktop.
by BelizeanXY January 25, 2008
The origin of this word is derived from "laptop". An unassuming word that gained popularity through numerous web based porn sites, FB chat and other mindless sites that promote hard don behind a keyboard and a deviant imagination. Can cause complete annihilation of a laptop due to unexpected meatpole bursts that can thrust the users’ laptop inexplicably across the room.
“was online last night and that cumdumpster caused spontaneous "cocktop", blew Grannys’ piehole up like a queer in boystown”
by proguide December 01, 2009
A more creative way to call some one a dick head
John was being a huge cock top today
by mr fucking awesome April 02, 2009
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