Desiring to place the male member in one's mouth.
I want to deep throat your penis. I'm so cockthirsty.
by Henry Leadwen October 09, 2005
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what the craving is called when one craves cocks
"mmm, i just want to suck some cock. I'm so cockthirsty"
by RadicalFunk September 27, 2005
Having an insationable thirst for the cock, and/or the fluids from said cock. Good discriptor to add to insults.
Megan was a total cock thirsty cum dumpster, no, is a total cock thirsty cum dumpster.
by Corey B. May 29, 2006
adj- Used to describe promiscuous females or gay men.

adj- Used to insult someone whom is supected of being a slut.
Wow, that chick last night who got on those two dudes sure was cockthirsty.

by Phalanx_24 November 18, 2005
When one's desire to suck cock seems unsatable.
"You cockthirsty fuck," Jim said. I was stunned. Lost for words, I could only reply with those four simple words given to me by my master: "One cock, much thirsty."
by Zefnex October 25, 2005
A word which someone will use to feel of a higher intelligence.
Cockthirsty is the way I feel about Jeff and his shenanigans.
by Fuguthemush April 23, 2006

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