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A girl that has no idea what to do with a dick
suzie's such a cocktard, she was biting me all night
by Jimbo December 12, 2003
Also, a cream-based condiment similar to mustard. It is often used to compliment light wines and seafood. It makes a great facial moisturizer (when used with cucumbers).
I slathered her clam with my cock-tard.
by Zac C May 17, 2005
a word to describe someone being or acting like a deformed cock. Imagine a retards penis where all the retardness was in his cock. Then take the cock itself and see the twisted contorted mutant manifestation of it.
hey wow you seem like a cocktard
by Visual Agnosia September 15, 2003
Insult. Tard as in Retard (person suffering from mental retardation) combined with cock as in penis. Reflects the lack of intelligence, incompetence and/or mentally deficient actions of the target and equates it to that of a penis. While not the most logical association, it refers to the 'sexual intelligence' of a man with out any higher brain function i.e. thinking with ones cock. The insertion of the word 'cock' into the word also creates a sense of natural revulsion to most heterosexual males and many females. Although 'tard' has actual meaning, the effect is primarily in the sound. Unlike the other tard composites it is used more in cases of reactionary anger, but more multipurpose than fuck tard.
"You cock tard! What were you thinking?"
"Get out of it. Cock tard
by Kaiser Sma April 05, 2005
noun and adj.

1. a male who acts like a prick or cock to the point that he is retarded
2. a male who is both an asshole/prick and extremely stupid
Jersey Shore has a plethora of cocktards.
by definitelymaybe January 26, 2011
A person who should know better, but is to fucking stupid to.
Look at that cocktard driving like an idiot!!!!
by Doc-Can March 24, 2011
Person who is above all else, a jerk, wanker, asshole, or any of the above. May or may not be gay.
Karl and Mikey are both cocktards. Thier definition of Craigler is way off base.
by The Retards September 02, 2003
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