The act of anal intercourse.
I'm going out tonight, gonna get me some cocktail!
by Chris Kirk January 18, 2006
term interchangeable with assfucking. Means the same as buttfuck. Literally, cock in tail.
Wanna cocktail?.............................
by Fingers McKillJoy December 21, 2006
when a man puts his erect penis between his legs "buffalo bill" style so that the penis is poking out the other side like a tail. One can shake it around like a tail or have their partner bend over and proceed to have sex butt to butt.
That chick is so kinky she let me give her the ol' cocktail.
by andyjdavis March 26, 2007
An animal or person with a cock as a tail.
p1: Ha! That dog had such a long cocktail!
p2: yeah! so did that chick!
by Jack Burlayer December 25, 2005
A phrase generally shouted as warcry while hitting someone over the head when he is not looking with any object intended as a weapon.
James just cocktailed that fool over the head with the his nightstick.


see, Donkey punched.
by Mr. Sanchez June 10, 2004
A joint containing 50% marijuana and 50% hasch.
I got a nice cocktail to smoke.
by thakandymahn August 28, 2006

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