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The female equivalent of being "pussy whipped" wherein a girl is so attached to her man that she will bow down to his every whim.
Jen is so cockstruck she did David's laundry, let him hang out when she had a test the next morning, attended his officer ceremony, and now she's letting him cop out on her 21st birthday because of a football game.
#cock struck #pussy whipped #infatuated #obsessed #pathetic
by TheHippie7 August 16, 2006
Individual who is totally controlled by the person to whom said cock is attached.
My girl is so cock struck that she always picks up the check.
#pussy whipped #smitten #manipulated #controlled #pw
by Orygynl March 07, 2008
a girl's preoccupation with sex after she has had sex with someone who is really good

the feeling you get after you have seen a really huge cock
Girl 1: OMG! I can't stop thinking about Marcus. He fucked me so good last night!
Girl 2: Damn girl! You are totally cockstruck!

Lady 1: Holy shit! Halen's cock is huge! He showed it to me last night and I almost fainted.
Lady 2: Sounds like you were cockstruck.
#moonstruck #cock #pussy whipped #love #lust #obsession with cock #sex
by KGB1979 May 27, 2012
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