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a leather strap (fastened by buckles, snaps, velcro, etc) used as a cock ring
he had his cockstrap on the loosest snap but when he lost his erection it all fell off
by Eumolpus September 06, 2007
13 5
Protective gear that cups your junk when your about have sex.
I better put my cock strap on before I romp on my girlfriend.
by Long rod van hugen dong March 17, 2010
4 1
another term for jockstrap.
The athlete is wearing a shabby cockstrap.
by uttam maharjan March 08, 2011
1 3
Not exactly sure what they are, however they are worn by gay men around thier cocks.
That cock-gobbling faggot needs to loosen up his cockstrap.. he is starting getting on my nerves.
by mythtv April 16, 2007
8 22