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One who strangles cocks.
"you sir, are a cockstrangler."
by jaigh June 21, 2008
8 1
A really tight pair of jeans that strangles your cock to the point where it almost cuts off circulation
I can't believe that Jessica made him buy those cock stranglers. I bet his cock is dying.
by Bigmini February 25, 2008
19 5
a really scary woman who, although she is extremely hot, you know you wouldnt like to do because she might break something. If your into that stuff though, i guess she can be quite fun
'Oh my god! Its a cock strangler!!! She's like that woman from goldeneye, that makes me so horny, do you really think thighs can do that?'
by rawg the dawg February 17, 2006
9 4
The worst pair of pants you own which most times means the tightest pair you own.
Holy shit! I accidentally wore my cockstranglers for the date I had with my gf last night and I nearly passed out!

Damn it! All I have clean are my cockstranglers...
by DependOnDepends January 25, 2011
0 0