Of pertaining to a person who sucks dick. A dick sucking whore.
your a fucking cock smoke.
by 13 March 26, 2003
Top Definition
One who "slobs the knob" in a metephorical sense.
That new kid is such a cocksmoke. The only way he got that promotion is by cocksmoking.
by NOTSO September 21, 2005
When masturbation causes too much friction.
"I've got cocksmoke, get the fire extinguisher!"
by bobbybobobooboo May 25, 2006
A huge deuchbag/asshole. Cocksmoke.

You are a cocksmoke.
by Mark July 08, 2003

noun--To be honest, I don't even know about this one. It's a type of person, I know that much. You might say "He is a cocksmoke" but never "I found a cocksmoke in this drawer."
"He is a cocksmoke."
by noodlehead December 14, 2004
The residual smell left in a room that people recently had sex in.
Katie and mat were in there fucking all night. When I went in this morning the whole room stank of Cock Smoke
by S.Mendez May 09, 2010
when a man has had so much sex in one day that instead of cumming, his dick barely blows a load.
Payne: "yo i was fuckin this bitch so much yesterday, that my last few loads felt like air shooting out!"
Dro: "yo, your dick was blowin' out some smoke, cock smoke!"
by Payne(40z&9z) September 07, 2009
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