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One who "slobs the knob" in a metephorical sense.
That new kid is such a cocksmoke. The only way he got that promotion is by cocksmoking.
by NOTSO September 21, 2005
Of pertaining to a person who sucks dick. A dick sucking whore.
your a fucking cock smoke.
by 13 March 26, 2003
When masturbation causes too much friction.
"I've got cocksmoke, get the fire extinguisher!"
by bobbybobobooboo May 25, 2006
A huge deuchbag/asshole. Cocksmoke.

You are a cocksmoke.
by Mark July 08, 2003

noun--To be honest, I don't even know about this one. It's a type of person, I know that much. You might say "He is a cocksmoke" but never "I found a cocksmoke in this drawer."
"He is a cocksmoke."
by noodlehead December 14, 2004
The residual smell left in a room that people recently had sex in.
Katie and mat were in there fucking all night. When I went in this morning the whole room stank of Cock Smoke
by S.Mendez May 09, 2010
when a man has had so much sex in one day that instead of cumming, his dick barely blows a load.
Payne: "yo i was fuckin this bitch so much yesterday, that my last few loads felt like air shooting out!"
Dro: "yo, your dick was blowin' out some smoke, cock smoke!"
by Payne(40z&9z) September 07, 2009

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