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The act of inserting your short shriveled chode (short,fat, Pee-Pee) in between two molding hogie rolls or loose roast beef curtain lips preferably from your grandmother or a loud mouthed rent-a-cop who has a hairy brillo pad muff that is often licked by a member of valet services.
\\\\\\\"Hey Conor, You wanna come over here and stick your millimeter peter in-between my saggy tarp lips and we can make the best cocksandwich you have ever encountered\\\\\\\". HOLD THE MAYO!
by Muff Mania September 03, 2007
6 11
A blowjob from two people at the same time. The tongues make the "bread" and the cock is the "meat".
Dude, you should have come to that party last night. Two hotties made me a cock sandwich.

OMG, Jenny, that guy is such a stud! Let's make him a cock sandwich.
by UrbanErik November 17, 2006
240 123
It is made with two slices of bread and a cock. It can sometimes be served Aitkin's style, no bread, just plain old awesome cock. It can also be used to describe something bad or good. Also called a C.S.
"That guy spilled my drink....what a cock sandwich..or what a C.S

The date went well,i ended up serving a C.S. without the bread.
by Moppe February 10, 2009
106 30
A sexual fantasy that overzealous, ambitious and persistent misogynists cite as the answer to all the worlds' problems, much to their women's dismay.
Feeling down? You know what you should do! You should give me a cock sandwich?

Hey, I finished my thesis. Where's that cock sandwich you promised me?

The world will be a better place when I get a cock sandwich

The Only reason women should leave the kitchen is to give me a cock sandwich
by Revolutionary Tits September 27, 2011
16 8
The act of placing a cock in between two slices of bread (whole wheat or potato, your choice) with any condiments (usually preferred mayonase or mustard) slathering them gently together to create a sandwich of cock, thus cocksandwich, after creating said cocksandwich, violently shove into the partners mouth while defacating on their chest and reaching a climax.
Dude I totally cocksandwiched sally she cried all the way home... I laughed.
by FLACE February 24, 2010
9 3
The type of food, equivalent to Listerene, that horny elderly Englishmen use to polish their rotting teeth. Usually consists of the following ingredients:
1 slice cock
2 slices bread
1 pat mayonaisse
I need a cock sandwich right about now- I've been stuck in the airport for five hours without a toothbrush!
by FunnyDude77777 October 28, 2010
13 9
1- A moron, an idiot, someone who screws up a lot
2- a douchebag, an arrogant prick, someone who is cocky
The guy who dropped the ball is a huge cock sandwich.
That guy is a real asshole, he is such a cock sandwich
by September 09, 2009
13 15