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To rock ones cock. A dance made by homosexuals. Seen as a erotic display/mating act
Yeah look at that cute guy cockrock!
by chrisgio April 14, 2006
14 21
Derogatory term for a style of hard rock that was prevalent in the 70s, practiced in its purest form by the band Foreigner. Few bands played cock rock exclusively, but some artists with cock rock tendencies include Bad Company, Peter Frampton, Grand Funk Railroad, the Rolling Stones, Ted Nugent, John Fogerty, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Bob Seger.

Musically, cock rock overlaps with blues rock, southern rock, hard rock, and arena rock, but what ties it all together as cock rock is an egocentric, tough-guy swagger and lots of ridiculous macho posturing. The lyrics often equate hard-rocking with virility and dangerousness.

The genre's primary audience was (and still is) guys with mullets and Camaros.

Though cock rock still gets plenty of airplay on classic rock radio, there are (mercifully) very few new practitioners of the style.
WKMZ 97.5 - all cock rock, all the time! laser blast sound effects
by Greenie April 12, 2004
296 75
80's metal known for it's cheesy ballads, songs about how hard you rock, how hard you rocked, or how hard you will rock, women, and substance abuse. See 'Butt Rock'.
Pantera used to be a cock rock band way before 'Cowboys From Hell' came out.
by eerie February 19, 2005
132 43
80's hair metal in which the lyrics consist of sexual euphamisms and content.
Def Leppard (Pour Some Sugar On Me)
Motley Crue (Girls Girls Girls)
Van Halen (Panama)
by Psycho Bob March 26, 2003
142 55
AOR rock where the singer is bragging about the adventures of his cock. Most notably played by those radio stations that specialize in the Cro-Magnon arena rock of the seventies.
Jojo had his boombox on while working on his car on the blocks. He had it on the cock rock station KRAP.
by California Sun June 18, 2006
77 49
A band consisting of horny guys that play catchy, rip-off rock songs whose main goal is to get into girl's panties.
Man. not another cockrock band
by fuzzy777 June 05, 2009
29 4
An offshoot of '80s hair metal which was known for containing cheesy, dirty lyrics. Usually the lyrics were about things like how big your dick is or cumming all over the place. Not really worth listening to if you actually like good music. It sold because girls bought into it, but then it faded because of the rise of grunge.
The only hair band worth listening to is Dokken, because at least they're not a bunch of cock rockers who only talk about the size of their schlongs and how many girls they've fucked.

A prime example of cock rock is Poison. Just look at them. Their pants are uber-tight, because they like to show off the size of their packages.
by Paul Wooten August 08, 2006
47 33
A style of music that went out in the early 1990s. Although nu-metal could be considered a new form of cock rock, it is generally bands like Poison, Winger, at al.
Stop listening to that shitty, sexist, corporate, drug-fueled cock rock and put this Dead Kennedys CD on instead!
by Osc July 14, 2004
60 46