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The ring one slides onto the penis so that it sits at the base of the penis against the body, keeping the penis erect after ejaculation. (for the woman's extended pleasure.) (or mans.)
"Does this cockring make me look fat?"
by ExtraGoodChi December 09, 2002
233 76
A constrictive interlocking device placed at the base of the penis, to prevent blood from escaping and to strengthen erection.
My roommate's girlfriend was complaining that he was too soft, so I hooked him up with a cock ring for his birthday.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
660 159
an elastic ring which fits around the base of the penis. It constricts the veins which drain blood from the penis, thereby strengthening an erection. Bought cheaply in automotive parts stores as "O-rings", they are black in colour. Also available in sex shops which sell vibrators, condoms, etc.Also increases the sensation during ejaculation as it constricts the urethra.
I had been having trouble maintaining an erection with her, as I was very nervous. We had some wine, which helped, but then she cut the end out of a condom and rolled it backwards onto me, forming a cock ring at the base of my dick. After that, I had no problems.
by John R. December 09, 2003
388 141
An instrument used to squeeze the penis and the balls together. It produces an immense sensation of feminization which any masculine individual really serious about sex and love should entertain and meditate.
The day when every man will use regularly a cockring will be a day of cooler, calmer and more respectful mutually enhancing sex.
by Ysengrim December 31, 2003
57 98
tool used for males whose penises cannot stay hard long enough to get their girlfriend to have an orgasm
That loser had to use a cock ring
by portedo May 07, 2008
176 245
insult, insinuating a person enjoys being worn on a cock (like the literary term)
"that guys such a cock ring"
by cellardoor4130 May 27, 2005
69 305
The homosexual version of "Booty Call." When a person calls your cell phone explicitly to ask for sex.
"Hey Peter, who was that on the phone just now?"
"It was Jake, I gotta go"
"Dammit Peter! Diching us for a cock ring again?"
by Luke E. January 20, 2006
119 366