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Your mom when she rides her tight wet pussy on my hard throbbing cock all night long.
Johnny, your mother and I are getting a divorce.


Because she's a fucking slutty cockrider.
by bob April 25, 2003
96 385
1. Someone who likes sex with anyone way too much.
2. A word to insult someone you hate.
She's such a cock rider.
by elcondor March 26, 2007
23 4
To some, this could be a male or female who aimlessly likes to "ride someones cock, or penis" in a rough, or hardcore fashion. These cockriders do this several times a day, and get alot of pleaseure out of doing so.
Man 1- Hey you know that bitch Patty?
Man 2- Yeah I've hit that dog.
Man 1- No shit playa?
Man 2- Yeah the otherday we fucked, and when I thought it was over the bitch wanted it again and again
Man 1- Boy that slut Patty sure is a cockrider, wanting the cock that much in 1 day.

by Da Mothership III July 18, 2007
14 14
a guy who is always on other guys dicks!
hey, theres mike rae the cock rider.. look at the way that cock rider walks
by anonymous August 07, 2003
22 27