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A closed fist hitting of the male genitalia, meant to evoke surprise and/or pain.
Dave Haldane was not prepared for the extreme cockpunching he would receive for not giving Rachel a part in school's production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
by Johnny Hops May 04, 2005
30 17
A swift punch, delivered to a male's genitals.
He is such a fucktard, he deserves a good cock punch.
by Bob June 01, 2003
136 31
a punch to someones groin area
Bill drank Tom's last beer, so Tom gave him a cockpunch
by richard taylor April 25, 2003
70 15
1:A big thud to a man's pud
2:A legendary online player on Star Wars Battlefront II, known for his battle cry "YOU'VE BEEN PUNCHED.....IN THE COCK!"
Dude my manhood hurts after that dick nasty cock punch.
by Roy Sanchez July 27, 2006
53 19
closed-fist blow to the penis
These folks deserve a big cock-punch.
by Dave October 22, 2003
28 8
Not just a word, but a way of life.
Dude I'm totally going to cockpunch that guido in the Ed Hardy ensemble.
by JReid July 26, 2009
30 12
The act of connecting your fist, at high velocity, with the genitals of a member of the male sex.

It's generally considered that the true cock punch is delivered from a squating posistion, and so is delivered as a jab rather than a uppercut motion.
Protaganist #1 - I'm gonna shag your mum

Protaganist #2 - not tonight your not

Protaganist #1 - AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

protaganist #2 - no one expects the cock punch
by Jaffa29 August 17, 2006
30 16