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1. One who enjoys having male genitalia rammed down their throat and conducts themselves in a manor to which suggests proficiency and practice in the art.
2. Another word for a chronic wanker
3. Someone who is useless to the point that all they are good for is piloting cocks
"I can't believe he fucked up again"
"Yeah, James is such a cockpilot"
by Dan Wilder March 19, 2008
5 3
A man who likes to take it in the ass, take it in the mouth, or take it anywhere a homosexual would go.
Tom is a Cock Pilot!
by JB November 11, 2003
13 3
One who pilots the cock, aka a homosexual. Derogatory term
That guy is such a cockpilot
by Steveo February 13, 2005
9 4
A wingman so good, that they don't just get you the girl, but they guide you to the navigational landing strip!!
Hey did you see Jessica last night? Yeah thanks to my Cock Pilot, Mike, I got with her.
by Murray123184 July 11, 2011
4 1
A cock pilot, is any man who feel ultra confident in his appearance and mojo thus giving him enhanced or over confidence in his ability to bed the opposite sex.

The Origin of the phrase was during WW2, as air force pilots would call the TOMCAT a cock pilot, later it was used throughout general military troops during Vietnam and was used mainly for those about to go and r&r, which generally meant intercourse with native populations - whore or prostitute- "me love you long time, cock pilot"

A cock pilot is used as a verb, as in Sir, you are a cock pilot this evening..

The origin of the phrase also relates to control over ones genitalia thus making the cock pilot someone in control of the situation

Cock Pilot is not a negative nor positive verb, its simply lets the speaker express in a simple and effective way to the receiver that yes, he is aware of his increased mojo and noting that fact, will stand back and watch the festivities happen. Fasten your seatbelt states the cock pilot the evening has just begun.

Cock Pilots are generally short lived and return to their normal cock or puddly status generally after a failed landing or attempt in few rare occasions a Cock Pilot will stay in full pilot mode for weeks on end, this would only happen should said cock pilot have by his side at least a (7-8- based on universally accepted 7-8 ratings)
Friend is wearing his best shirt and has a distinctive swagger, as he walks into a disco....he states, man am I going to get laid tonight

Friend 2: You sure are sir, tonight your a real cock pilot

Friend: roger that !!!!
by mr wangs November 21, 2011
4 2
A pilot with at least 320 flight hours, whos extremities other than his penis never come into contact with the controls during flight.
And on the way home, you should have seen the cockpilot we had. He turned off the planes thrust like, 30 feet before we smacked onto the ground. Obviously can't multitask with that small cock.
by Masterdeath November 25, 2010
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