A meek man who has been dominated by society until they are too scared to think contrary to their oppressors opinion
Look at Bazza. kidding himself that he is a man. Even though he acts like a subdued woman. Society has turned him into a real cockold
#weak #serf #peasent #meek #submissive
by Wulfgang June 15, 2013
Top Definition
married man with a sexually unfaithful wife
The cockold husband watched as his wife fucked another man.
#adultry #cockold #unfaithful #cheating #unfaithful wife
by Bayley November 12, 2007
A male and female swinger couple where the man gains sexual gratification through watching his partner engaging in sex acts with one or more other males
Look a cockold Billy there, he watched and beat off while two guys fucked his girl
#swinger #sex #fuck #watch #wank
by Fixer December 08, 2007
Man with a cheating whore for a wife,
Cockold- Mr savage has a wife that will blow any guy. She is a whore and he is a savage cockhold.
by Drummers gal May 23, 2016
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