An inseparable group of gay men, who are the sluttiest men at a party/bar/club. Headed by the most experienced male, referred to as the King of Cock.
"Here comes the Cockocracy, get out your condoms boys"
"I had the entire Cockocracy last night"
by queer mike October 30, 2007
Top Definition
The political power of the penis within a hierarchal structure, normally between men.
Size matters in the cockocracy of the locker room
by Cockcrocratic April 10, 2014
When men dominate over women in any given situation. To be part of the cockocracy one must have a cock.
Man-"Im sorry you get automatic back seat due to the cockocracy, and the other male gets the front seat."
by Joe and Anthony September 26, 2006
Penis Power.
The innate power of a man's urine hose over women (small minded beings).
Girl #1: "Zomg, I just got this purse, it is soooooooooooo cute."
Girl #2: "Yah, iz totally rad yawl"

Boy Bystander: "Get me a drink, ho. I gotta sit heyah for a while and scope the chicks. The cockocracy demands your compliance."

Me: "Willay Wiggansssss, get in the backseat. COCKOCRACY BITCH"
by farty mc fartenstein (poop smell) October 29, 2007
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