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one who appreciates the cock more than the average bear.
Tanya shagged twelve different men in one evening. Tanya is a cockocidal maniac. Yep, loves that cock...
by Madz141 February 21, 2007
We all know one, a man who is always thinking with his penis in more and more elaborately kinky ways. The sort of man who would ram a cold mint Cornetto down his Jap's eye, uses his own semen to wash his car, lodge dice underneath his foreskin, insert a Dirt Devil car vacuum up his biscuit isle and give people a tenner and a video of himself having a wank wearing an oven glove as a Christmas present. These sort of people are cockocidal maniacs.
Rat Schon: "Daddy's only gone and got himself barred from Tesco!"
Failure Schon: "Why?"
Rat Schon: "He went in drunk and ended up taking his trousers off, wandering around the store using his knob to knock things off shelves. He even opened a Creme Egg and used it as chalk, pretending his cock was a snooker cue. He's a cockocidal maniac!"
by TheLafayetteBlues December 17, 2013