A crazy nutter that just cant get enough cock.
You know that girl katie? She is a total cocknut.
by rchinn April 29, 2004
Top Definition
A nut which hangs upon the cock
Brian has huge cock nuts
by SamusFox March 31, 2003
1: A form of idiocy.
2: An insult to someone or something.
Your a cocknut for destroying my work!
by Jamie Smyth July 07, 2007
A derogatory/expletive noin, coined by !phil.

Produced as the composite of cock and nut both parts of the male genitalie, it is used to describe EITHER a complete douchebag OR an extremely manly man. It is the context in which it is used that the meaning is deduced from.
!phil is now known as cocknut
by !phil February 18, 2004
Morkus Dueporkus insult at Adflog Hassan and song
Cock nuts, Fuck you, Hysterectamy, FOB
by Grazmataz Christmas-tree December 02, 2004

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