Coknose originated in the early 90's at a butcher shop since we used as an insult to customers, workers and delivery drivers it has been spreading rapidly, cocknose is therefore one of the worlds best and most meaningful insult or word to express your dislike or anger towards someone
.lucas you cocknose you broke the mincer and your cocknose brother cant wash dishes for shit
.why should i pay you? you have been a cocknose all week
.the customer i just served is a cocknose
. mr brouton is a cocknose
by matt rossow May 29, 2006
Top Definition
to Eskimo kiss a dick
dude 1: "Hey man how was your date with Tucker last night?"
dude 2: "We made it to the next level... He totally cocknosed me in the bathroom at Starbucks!"
by hans zolo October 11, 2013
1. An idiot, moron, wanker or just somebody you hate.
2. Someone with a cock where their nose should be
A: Tell cocknose he's a fucking idiot.
B: Who's cocknose?
A: Lena.
by Zappa September 04, 2005
Cocknose ~ Cock'-nose (Noun)

First spotted in Datchet, Berkshire in 1979, the Cocknose, is a species of homo clearly defined by having a penis in place of a nose.
The young Cocknose is commonly found in the familiar feeding grounds of the Fox but has been known to venture to other drinking locals in the Putney environment.

The Cocknose is quick to anger when playing sport and is renowned for its dry wit.

The mature Cocknose leaves the nest at the age 27 years and migrates to the 'big city'.
by David Bellamy August 15, 2006
Someone whome has a cock for a nose, therefore u laugh and point
scott walker aka walkertits has a cock nose ha ha ha
by leewee January 25, 2005
1)an insultive word for someone who has a cock for a nose or just any one.
2)is a character on the tv show bo selecta on brittish tv channel 4.
cock nose-"avid, i cancelled your 4 o'clock massage so you could fit in your over scheduled filming"

avid-"thank you cock nose"
by dude wo makes up new things October 13, 2005
Someone with a cock for a nose
"hey cock nose! you have a cock where your nose should be, that's why they call you cock nose! (it's a visual thing)"
by Cock nose January 05, 2005
Origins: Avid Merion's "Bo Selecta" TV Programme.

Definition: Someone who has a cock for a nose, esp. brown-nose cocks at work.
You, my friend, are a f**king CockNose.
by Mr Joshua October 23, 2004

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