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An insult that is offensive and rolls off the tounge. Goes great in any flame. Term originally created and used by MajiBOB.
You sir, are an incompetant cocknigger.
by -Drakken August 23, 2003
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1. When you're friend is being an uber faggot and being shysty.
"Eric you're being a goddamn cock nigger knock it off"
by Akhbar Ahmad June 11, 2008
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A male who utilizes subversion and deceit within his circle of so called "friends" in order to divert the attention of a woman away from a mutually interested man. Conversely the cocknigger may also use subversion and deceit to divert the attention of a man away from a woman he is interested in. The cockniggers goal is to sleep with the woman whom he has socially isolated or whose attention he has diverted away from the man she originally wanted.

Not to be confused with cockblocker who is someone who uses posture and body language to prevent other men from hitting on a woman while he makes a weak attempt at trying to impress her.
Jane - "Nathan says Joe has herpes, I totally wanted him until I found out. "
Sally - "Don't listen to Nathan, he is a cocknigger and would say anything. He just wants you for himself. "


Joe - "Man I am so into Jane. I want her bad and I think she wants me too. "
Nathan(cocknigger) - "She told me she thinks you're a jerk. She definitely isn't interested in you. Besides she's a total bitch, you wouldn't like her at all. "
by Gang Star 1 April 25, 2008
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