Someone who pretends to be from London when they are really just close by.
cockney Hey, I'm from Luton! I'm a cockney Innit?
northerner You what? at thee end of thee day...
by Mr Bobla October 28, 2005
arogant big headed loud mouthed non entities from london. have a lot in common with mushrooms (big heads , live in the dark and are raised on shit).
Cockney pays £500K for a pile of crap, and calls it living in shabby chic.
by Tommy w October 05, 2005
Noble upstanding citizens of East London, NOT South, NOT West, and definitely NOT North Londoners, they're all a bunch of arseholes. So get it right you Northern Monkeys, Cockneys are from East London. Now get on and dig for coal or whatever it is you lot do for a living (walk to the dole office more than likely).
Cockneys = The best people in England.
by Peldon March 15, 2004
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