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A giant toolsack. Utterly worthless in every conceivable way. Wilford Brimley shows such disdain for these people that he kills them on sight with his bare hands. The complete opposite of Theron.
That cockneck cried while watching Titanic.

Wow if John were anymore of a cockneck he'd be wearing Crocs.

by Theronkillshobos. July 10, 2008
7 2
Holding your head back so your Adams apple shows and saying nothing, a sign of disapproval for another person, the ultimate diss.
Dang you jus got cock necked.
by Charlton Hawkins March 22, 2006
13 6
An insult to a person who's neck resembles a penis; The neck is generally of a man, thick in stature and having prominent well pronounced viens. The best example is when this type of neck is cleanly shaven and is met with a thick wall of chest hair.
Did you see the game on the weekend ? That new player has the best cockneck I have ever seen, you could set your watch to it.
by Cock Neck July 24, 2012
6 0
Similar to a woman showing her cleavage, the man drops his pants till the start of the shaft(neck) is exposed. It is meant to lure the opposite sex in.
I was out at a Bar and this women was starring at my crotch, she said "your pants are down," I said "Just showing off some Cock Neck, you like what you see?"
by CB1976 March 01, 2007
8 2
Someone who has a neck that looks like a wang.
You got a cockneck.
by Jabobo March 21, 2004
7 11