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the male genitalia
and i was like DAYUM! that boi has sum LARGE cock 'n' balls!
by amber February 26, 2004
33 18
Reffering to the whole male organ including the balls and the penis.
Hey Suck my Cock 'n' Balls.
by Tim and Chris February 16, 2003
213 93
the penis and the testies
why dont u grab some lotion and lube up your cock n balls
by Mendoza + Papini = Zambrana June 02, 2003
65 8
Your cock and balls, hence the name cock-n-balls. See basket of fruit or dick.
Person 1: Hey check out my cock-n-balls!
Person 2: Nice.
by d00m skull May 12, 2006
45 11
When a person has and extremely tiny penis and a woman put his penis and balls in her mouth at the same time.
Dude I just got a cock 'n balls in the bathroom.
by Cunt wad Fuck Pants November 18, 2008
52 23
A state of being that is not positive nor helpfull.
"Dude my Computer broke down, so its like Cock N' Balls in my face constantly."
7 6
A pool hall in canada with a rooster as the mascot.
Lets get pissed and go down on oops... down to Cock an Balls
by Daddy big nuts October 07, 2003
15 21