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when you get your weener stuck in your zipper
ahhh my weener is in my zipper
by EROCK February 02, 2003
32 29
For one to be a rampant homosexual
Sam, you cockmunch
by Lewis March 17, 2003
56 23
1) noun. a homosexual or annoying person.
2) verb. to eat penis, perhaps for a living.
1) Jimmy was such a cock-munch that he decided to buy 500 swedish gurkins.
2) Bob cock-munched his way all the way to alabama.
by ollie bum fucker February 21, 2004
61 34
1) One, who, or that which munches cock.
2) A homosexual man.
3) A person regarded in low esteem
Adrian kept farting on the car ride back. What a cock munch.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
46 19
a really annoying person. tends to mooch off his friends, has a crackwhore girlfriend, and tends to say,"That's cool.", "Cool Story, Bro.","xD" after everything. They also think they're hilarious and that they are top shit.
Ryan is such a cockmunch!
by bitchassniggahoe September 10, 2011
12 8
someone or something that nibbles on the male gential.
Wow, that guy is such a cock-munch.
I saw that cock-munch on a webcam last night
by DoctaGdawghizzy April 11, 2006
5 2