someone who is constantly playing with his cock or other cocks
Billy wont stop playing with his cock, he is such a cock mongler
by Darryl February 05, 2003
One who acts like a homosexual ie mongles the cock
Ben and Mike are so bad at Halo they must be cock mongling eachother.

Ben and Mike talk about ass sex with eachother they must be cock monglers!!!

I'll Show you to tell me to wash the fuckin dishes you cock mongler.Ha Ha -Love Ya Guys- 0 c======3 :0 :)
by Krispykritters March 24, 2007
Someone that enjoys playing with their penis in a public area.
I saw this old cock mongler playing with his junk in church
by Cock Mongler July 07, 2006
-= g0ne =-
g0ne is a cock mongler
by Mediator May 22, 2004
One who mongles the cock
Dude, you're such a fucking cockmongler. Now go fuck yourself.
by 123 April 18, 2003
A cockmongler is one of those people who just love a nice big dick shoved up their tushy like nobody's business.
Derek is a huge, flaming cockmongler.
by Jimmie June 18, 2006
A person of the female gender (no transies) who lives to shove huge cocks in their cock pocket (mouth).
"Hey Sarah do u happen to be a cockmongler?"
"Oh fuck yes I am and I'll mongle that huge fucking cock of your fucking all day long 😉"
by Muffinator June 15, 2016
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