A blowjob performed by dirty stupid terrorists that stink like two cunts

where two dirty taliban mother fuckers act as two slices of bread on either side of the cock. therefore making a dirty sandnigger cockmeat stinking sandwich
hey man i just got a dirty cockmeat sandwich from Osama and saddam fuck they stink like ass
#cock #meat #cockmeat #sandwich #terrorist
by alex_555666777888999 September 26, 2008
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It's a blowjob, but not just any typical blowjob. The main difference is that the blowjob is given by two people instead of just one. The two people acts like the two slices of bread while the reciever's cock is like the meat sandwiched between the two slices of bread. Thus, the name "cockmeat sandwich" and always involve at least 3 people.

From 2008 movie
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

This term was used when Big Bob (a guard in Guantanamo Bay) asked Harold & Kumar to get hungry real fast and eat his cockmeat sandwich with extra mayo.
#cockmeat #sandwich #fellatio #blowjob #head #oral #copulation #suck #dick #cock #prick
by lenkun July 16, 2008
A blowjob basically.
Big Bob's coming in to give you a cockmeat sandwich! Be prepared!
#cockmeat #sandwich #fellatio #blowjob #head
by big___a August 08, 2007
a blowjob
used in the 2008 movie
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
-big bob pulls down pants-
big bob:ready for your cockmeat sandwich?
kumar:i've never sucked a dick before.i bet it sucks dick!
#harold #and #kumar #escape #from #guantanamo #bay #cock #meat #sandwich
by harold and kumar May 02, 2008
when you go to guantanamo bay and you have to suck big bob's big fat dick
big bob: ya'll ready for your cock meat sandwich

harold: umm....no

big bob: well you better get hungry real quick cuz i got a lotta meat

Kumar: tell me before we do this, are all the guards on guantanamo bay gay?

big bob: fuck no, aint nothin gay about getting your dick sucked.

big bob: your the ones who are gay for sucking my dick.

Big bob: infact it creeps me out just being around you fags.
#big #fat #dick #fag #suck
by Count Crotchula August 02, 2008
(noun) kok-meet-sand-wich

A type of blowjob that involves two persons sucking another one's balls at the same time, thus sandwiching the penis, or the "meat". This term was created by an awesome movie called "Harold & Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay"
Example 1: Hey girls! Wanna give me a Cock Meat Sandwich instead of you each taking turns giving me a blowjob?
Example 2:

Big Bob - So are ya'll ready for your Cock Meat Sandwich?
Harold - Uhh.....no?
Big Bob - Well ya'll better get down quick! 'Cause i gotta whole lotta sandwich for ya'll....(cock comes out).

later on...

Kumar - So are you a homosexual for making us suck your dick?
#blowjob #cock #penis #bj #sandich
by Charles U. May 16, 2008
a complementary snack usually offered by prison guards to inmates. this sandwich consists of a penis, two slices of brown wholemeal bread, and one leaf of lettuce, kindly prepared by the prison's guards themselves. if your lucky you could find extra mayo in your sandwich.
"ready for your cockmeat sandwich... i hope you like extra mayo!"
#cockmeat sandwich #sandwich #cock #prison #mayo #snack
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
Sucking Dick basically
Big Bob: Are You Boys Ready for your cock-meat-sandwich
(some time/words pass buy)
Kumar: Damn, his dick smells like shit
#cock-meat-sandwich #harold and kumar #kumar patel #the1337arcade.com #tbg #cock #meat #sandwich
by The1337Arcade.Com July 28, 2008
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