When your fucking a girl and you miss and she gets pissed and walks away.
Chuck: Dude i was fucking my girlfriend last night and i TOTALLY pulled a cockle.

Dave: Ahhhhhhhh, dude that fucking sucks.

Chuck: I know.
by TheToothSucker July 21, 2010
After oral sex, the person who swallows will have remnants of the semen in their throat thus developing cockle.
Damn, Gappy got wasted last night and puked her cockle up all over me.
by Felix Pundi January 01, 2009
a totally useless person who does totally pointless things on a regular basis such that someone might want to give them a silly name. Often used as a more polite although less expressive replacement for the word "cunt"
plural: cockles
pablo hidalgo is a cockle for sure

there are too many cockles around nowadays making up fucking stupid words like "cockle"
by realdealcockle July 15, 2006
Of or related to ones pen0s. One of the many slang variants that have been derived of forum speak.
I have a HUGE cockle.

My Cockle is so big it would make your an0s bleed for days.
by Ice|Burn September 18, 2003
one who indulges in bdsm cartoon fairy porn, loves 15 year olds, and would make a shitty lawyer.
'Cockle is hot tee hee' -JT
by g January 21, 2005
When we go fishing we use cockles (shellfish) for bait, when we go fishing for guys (on the town) our bait is our titties so we call them cockles
The cockles aint catching many fish tonight..... *sigh*
by Allie July 17, 2004
In money terms, the word cockle means £5.00.
That will cost ya a cockle darling.
by Tina M January 05, 2004

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