A refrence to the ventricles of the heart. Usually when describing a fine liquor.
The cognac warmed the cockles of my heart.
by Ghghs December 04, 2006
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ballsack, testicles; from the song Kickapoo by Tenacious D

Oh, the dragon's balls were blazin' as I stepped into his cave,
Then I sliced his fucking cockles, with a long and shiny blade!
by chopsuey25 April 21, 2007
In money terms, the word cockle means £10.00. Cockney rhyming slang used in London - Cockle Cock and Hen = 10
That will cost ya a cockle darling.
by Spliff Head September 25, 2006
Alternative to mate/darling used in North West England. Variety of cocker
Y'alright cockle?
Thanks for that cockle.
by leo51 June 08, 2006
Cock and Balls its that easy its a cock with balls
I just got tippered in my cockles.
The wobbly fat hanging from ones chin be it an animal or human.
Woah dude did you see that chicks ass.
Nahh man I wouldn't she's got a cockle
Ahh, gross!!
by MizzGrawr February 13, 2011
When your fucking a girl and you miss and she gets pissed and walks away.
Chuck: Dude i was fucking my girlfriend last night and i TOTALLY pulled a cockle.

Dave: Ahhhhhhhh, dude that fucking sucks.

Chuck: I know.
by TheToothSucker July 21, 2010

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