david horseman
david horseman is bill clintons cockleech
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
Top Definition
1. One who sucks cock.
Quit being such a cockleech you flamer
by rofl February 10, 2003
Someone who feels that the must suck dick to make it to the top of their profession rather than actually work and stand on the fact that they can actually do the job they were hired to do.
Look at that cock leech trying to keep his job by buying the boss lunch, he might actually try to do his job to stay employed! NAH that's to hard!!
by Gilla January 09, 2008
That which leeches out early on and helps to lubricate the coming insertion.
'I grabbed your organ and got cockleech all over my new watchband!
by stephen Crow May 18, 2003
A woman who financially drains a man without providing anything, sexual or otherwise to the relationship.
Matt's fiance Krista doesn't work, has no kids, is addicted to opiates, doesn't put out, and has a terrible shopping habit, what a cockleech!
by darkangeline September 02, 2014
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