one's ball sack. the berries of your cock.
Yo man how your cockle berries holding up after that night with that "easy fat chick"

She wasnt very easy with my sack yo. She pounced up and down i thought they popped
by aychexsee February 17, 2008
Top Definition
Wadded up balls of crusty poo, that accumulates on your wrinkly nut sac hair, cause you're always shoving your nuts up your pet's butt.
Shabombu Rimjob Honeycomb Heaton, was taking it up the gary and then she decided she wanted a rootin' tootin' jamican chocolate raspberry but then at the last minute she had a choft and decided to go with the cockleberries and a nice warm toblerone.
while having sex and the secretions from the girls vagina gets on you, this liquid then dries and becomes small white flakes, known as cockleberrys.
guy 1: "I think i have an STD!"
guy 2: "What the fuck!! let me see"
guy 1 (pulls pants down)
guy 2 "ohh you straight man, thats just cockleberrys"
by Dustin Hancock December 04, 2011
one who eats berrys from the cock
look at amwakx hes one dirty mother fuckin cockleberry
by Rob December 19, 2004
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