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a promiscuous girl who switches guys at least once a month.
Guy:You are so a cockjumper,Lindsy!
by tarheel November 30, 2006
8 1
1. a person who moves from one penis to another in rapid succession

2. slang for the word slut

3. used as an insult to men, insinuating that the man is in fact a homosexual
1. 'That bitch is such a cock jumper!'

2. 'Cock jumping whore!'

3. 'Dude... you're a cock jumper!'
by timbob09 July 24, 2006
20 5
A person whom cannot be without a penis in their life. A cock jumper always has a boyfriend until they find the next one. A cock jumper is never alone.
That damn Sam is such a cock jumper she jumped off Eddie for Fred in less than 24 hours.
by drdugong June 27, 2013
0 0
noun. Cock Jumper:
A girl so desperately sluty that she will try to have sex with a guy who is too drunk or already passed out; undressing him and literally jumping on his cock.

verb. To Cock Jump:
When a girl of questionable morals attempts to have sex with a guy who is too drunk or unconscious.
"Yo, that Melissa girl is a total cock jumper, she took my boxers off and tried to do me"

"Be careful with her, she'll wait till you're passed out and will cock jump you!"
by BinyB April 14, 2010
1 2