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Yet another word for a slut; a girl (or guy) who does a balancing act in their sex life, having many male partners at a time.
That bitch is one hell of a cockjuggler; she is sleeping with seven different guys right now!!
by Dewey May 24, 2004
19 4
A girl that switches between cock every few weeks.
That girl Allegra is a cock juggler. She's pretty good at juggling balls too. Why just yesterday she was juggling mine.
by Nickel Pussy October 28, 2006
152 33
A girl that travels from dick to dick and male to male.
Wow, she's such a cock-juggler, dude. We fucked last week, now she's stuck on Jimmy.
by NotebookLives March 31, 2011
10 0
n. 1. One who juggles male genetalia.
2. Someone who is a little whiny bitch, and won't shut the hell up.
Would you shut the hell up already? You fucking cock juggler!
by rick james February 28, 2005
45 43
A Homosexual or someone who juggles male poultry
Jim: Hey Fred u see that queer on the news today
Fred: yeah dude jesus he looked like a total Cock juggler


Hey look at that man juggling those roosters
by Shawtzy May 07, 2011
2 3