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One who jockies cocks, a cockknocker, or shit for brains, often a funky badonkadonk monkey.
Playstation, Microsoft, and Nintendo fanboys are all cockjockies.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 07, 2003
10 12
Someone who bounces up and down on a penis with similar enthusiasm of that of a jockey riding a horse. Usually used to describe a homosexual male.
No you can't fuck me vigorously in the ass, What do you think I am some kinda cock-jockey.
by Smokey McPot April 10, 2005
276 88
Used to describe a male who is inclined to ride another males sexual organ.
by Kryt February 04, 2003
95 42
A female who loves the cock and almost always rides on top during sex.
Man that chick is such a cock jockey. She sleeps with everyone.
by VivaladanN March 30, 2005
91 57
Person of usually male gender that enjoys riding a cock. The Cockjockey is more often than not very promiscuous.
In the past week He's ridden the cock of at least ten guys I don't even know the name of. Could he be more of a Cockjockey?
by Ironcastle October 26, 2008
24 4
1:A man who rides other mens cocks- imitating the motions of a jockey.

2:A giant cock who competes in horse racing
Robert Fryar and Simon Cheng are cock jockeys.
by ? June 02, 2004
57 43
A homosexual who enjoys the art or riding a dick like a jockey rides a horse
I wonder who's going home with that cock jockey for some late night action.
by tbone32 September 11, 2006
26 21
A girl or fag who loves riding dick like a fat kid loves cake. Usually used as an insult between guys.
"I heard jared singing 'rocketman'! I told you he was a total cock jockey."
by W.H.Sandwich shop February 04, 2009
9 6