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A person that rides a cock, like a horse.
A person name Guy that rides another persons cock like he would ride a horse.
by Mr.fuktook November 04, 2003
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a large male who playes sports but at weekends is a homosexual and has sex with lots of different men
"dude, ryne is a total cockjock.he had sex with 10 men on saterday....and one was from england :O"
by JG & SmC February 25, 2008
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someone that jocks u and wants to get in ur pants hopefully a girl usualy hidious
stop jockin my cock bitch
by k-bizzle March 21, 2003
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A person that is so cocky that he rides a horse to get his jock in a bundle.
Guy Stanley is a cockjock.
by Mr.luvmuffin December 01, 2003
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n. the stereo-typical cocky asshole jock that you see fucking women for the ability to say they did
"So what did he do after the big game?"
"This chick thought he did well and gave him a nice reward in the locker room."
"Ugh, he's such a cock jock."
by lovesacrime126 September 22, 2009
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a very cocky jock who thinks that he/she si the shit
Leslie:"look at Ricky he thinks he is soo kewl and can get all the ladies"
Tanya:"i know he is such a cock jock!"
by Leslie September 07, 2004
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you are such a cock-jock
by Dr Greenthumb April 22, 2003
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