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A combination of a cock and a Jew. Because Jews don't have cocks, this word is highly biased.
Joshua Han is very much of a cockjew because he is jewish.
by QUEPASO September 04, 2008
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A comglomerate of two common insult terms, the cockjew is someone who is either a jerk, doing something lame, or a combination of many such things.
Ben is such a cockjew for looking at all of that horse porn in front of his lady.
by Reisser April 28, 2004
A female that is stingy with her significant others cock. Will not let him have intercourse with anyone else
50 Cent is such a cock jew
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
A very old Jewish tradition where the male inserts his cock into a hot toaster, proving that he is now a man, and not a child anymore
Andrew couldn't wait until his 15th birthday so he could preform his cockjew ceremony
by jermiah April 29, 2004

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