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1. When your jaw hurts from sucking too much dick.
Joy had cockjaw from sucking too much dick.
by sketchydivey May 23, 2006
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the affliction caused by extended cock sucking; symptoms include painful jaw, aching temples, numbed lips, and rug burned tongue.
I sucked his dick so long I got the cock jaw.
by vagibonds September 19, 2007
A mouthy knowitall weasel.
Listen "Cockjaws" why don't you keep your fuckkin mouth shut !
by Darren Atkinson April 06, 2003
It's a case of lock-jaw only its from sucking too much cock. Although mainly prevelent in females, some males have been known to develop the symtoms...which is gross.
"That chick sucked me off so much lastnight I must have given her a wicked case of cock-jaw."
by Tovey01 November 18, 2007
A group of complete and total idiots, and/or morons that can't figure out the simplest of task(s).
Those guys over there are a complete bunch of cock jaws.
by Cisnet October 25, 2007
While giving head the girl bites down and does not stop until the bastard appreciates her.
I was suckin' off Nate last night when he called me Jessi.
I cock jawed him till he screamed my name
by Lindsay Lu August 03, 2006
When a girl gets lockjaw from a particularly large cock being in her mouth
Sam: dude, whys she keep making that face at me.

Josh: you didn't hear. Her boyfriend gave her cockjaw last night
by Connman88 January 02, 2014

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