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One who loves the cock everywhere, everytime, everyway.
Will often get paid for such services.
"What about her?"
"Oooh, Cockicidal Maniac. Legend has it that she starred in the first intteracial porn loop."
by Thegreatnick April 29, 2005
One who loves to chug cock
"37? You sucked 37 dicks? Your cockicidal maniac"
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
any female who is absolutely obsessed with cock. Either sucking,fucking or stroking. Any of the three acts usually cause near death experiences. 'death by cock' Cockicidal maniacs usually dress the part in small skimpy clothing resembling slingshots & handiwipes. They do not discriminate race ,creed, religion, or size. They crave balls deep penetration without prejudice.
I took Coleen out last night, dude she is a complete cockicidal maniac. She blew me for an hour & then I was balls deep in her for the next 3 hours! I nearly killed the bitch!
by The Flying Sicilian April 09, 2010