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the mouth of anyone, male or female, who consistently spews crap
You have no idea what you are babbling about. Shut your cockholster this minute.
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
9 8
the mouth of either a male or a female. used as a derogatoty meaning.
joe blow, shut your cock holster.
by slapmeat July 29, 2003
170 48
U.S. Marine Corps slang for mouth.
"Shut your cock holsters and get on line!"
by Modernartmasterpiece October 24, 2006
153 51
1) The mouth of any member of the female persuasion (women, homosexual males, etc.). (usually derrogatory)
2) any member of the female persuasion (women, homosexual males, etc.).
1) Hey, shut yer cockholster.
2) Hey, cockholster! Shut yer cockholster.
by Lothos Seven Seven Three Four March 19, 2003
81 21
N. Using a person's mouth to place your penis for storage...

N. A penis garage
Dood, your mom is such a cock holster.
by Neuro4848 May 28, 2003
79 33
Having sex so much that there is a dick in you more often than anything else. It in there so much that you are really no more than a holster for someones cock.
I hear that she's a real slut, that cockholster.
by Gerald Duval, Compositeur February 05, 2003
39 19
US Army slang for the human mouth.

As heard yelled by Sand-Hill Drill-Sergeants, RI's, and some particularly old-school/politically in-correct 1SGT'and CSM's when they've got a case of the Red-Ass.

*Note: this term is NOT meant to be homo-phobic, nor does it imply or suggest any degree of homosexuality on anyone's part, it is simply a term of endearment to be used when you're pissed-off at someone.
"All of you, shut your goddam fucking cock-holsters and listen up...!"
by goodcop8 October 27, 2007
19 3
whore, slut, a girl who uses her vagina as a holster for a cock.
"That girl gets around. She's such a cock holster!"
by KrisDee October 13, 2007
42 27