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The hole on the end of a dick.
She sucked my cum from a straw in my cockhole.
by dark avenger October 22, 2003
49 23
The physical hole created by unbuttoning one's pants and underwear so that the male genitalia can successfully urinate outside of one's clothing.
Albert: "Dude, do you unbotton your pants or do you piss through the cock hole?"

Jonny: "No, my dick was too large for the cock hole, hence my pants are wet."
by Canaday C-34 November 29, 2010
68 8
A girl's mouth. The thing she stuffs with food before giving you shit about the lipstick on your nutsac.
Shut your fucking cockhole before I cave your skull in, ya dumb cunt!
by BennyGB October 12, 2006
72 57
Classic term for Vagina or "pussy", now used as a derogatory term for someone who is inept or just a plain asshole.
(Also can be used as a pet name in many trailer parks)
Boss: Joe, I need you to cover my ass on this one.
Worker (under his breath): What a cockhole.
(Trailer example: Hey cockhole, can you get me a beer?)
by Msharkie July 18, 2003
31 26
An insult to a person. Comparing a person to any hole a cock might be inserted into.
That dude is a cockhole.
by Travis October 01, 2003
14 12
1. The actual ejaculatory / piss hole at the end of a mans' cock.

2. A womans' pussy hole, but only when being used to pleasure a cock.

3. May be used in place of Asshole, when expressing discontent towards someone.
1. The love juice poured on Lisa's face, from John's cock hole.

2. Brenda has such a tight cock hole.

3. My boss is such a fucking cock hole!
by Im yo pusha October 09, 2006
39 39
A masculinized term for the female genetals. It was coined as the most obscene slang term to describe the vagina (or a woman), ahead of cunt, and slut respectively.
"all I cared about last night was just finding some cockhole"
"so John, have you met any new cockholes recently?"
by T.+ September 17, 2007
10 12