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1. BAJ - The contrary to a cockslug
Join #haidere and you'll see the first cockhog
by Luismi125Ho June 17, 2011
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1) n. Person usually woman who delights in cock and penetration, prefers more than one at once vaginally, orally and/or anally and never gets enough. The hog will happily pull a train, often moaning or squealing with glee as she does so.

Adv. Cock-Hoggedness
In my fantasy, Maria a.k.a. blinky from the Apprentice does gang-bangs all the time is an inverate cock-hog.
by DrNo December 02, 2004
11 5
Term assigned to a woman that refuses to share the cock with others while performing fellatio.
Heidi: "Lois, can I have some of Mickey's meat, please?"
Lois: ((garbled))
Heidi: "You're such a cockhog!!"
by roadready July 11, 2011
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One who hogs the shuttle"cock" during a badminton game
Lauren!, Stop being such a "cock-hog" and let me hit it!
by GNGR215 April 29, 2011
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Hogging of the male genatalia area. Usually a woman who is most whorish of the whores. Or an insult to a guy, calling him massively gay.
Arthur: Bob, Did you see Jake last night?
Bob: Yeah, he was gettin mad penis, he's such a cock hog.
J-Roc: Damn straight.
by J-Roc fo shizzle September 15, 2007
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