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Styling male pubic hair like a mohawk.
His bits are set off beautifully by that bitchin cockhawk.
by sarah June 26, 2004
17 5
A woman who won't let any other female near a man's penis, whether it be her eyes or hands. In other words, it's a very possessing and controlling girl friend.
I'll be talking to my girlfriend on the phone and she'll hear some girl's voice and be like who the fuck is that? And I'll say it's someone on the TV and she won't believe me. My gf is such a cock hawk.
by Cds January 18, 2006
46 16
A mythical creature known for living almost solely on a diet of worms. The cock hawk normally makes her nest in bathroom stalls and in alleys behind nightclubs. She has become somewhat of a noctorious figure in Canadian folklore.
Man, the cock hawk totally preyed on me at a party last saturday.
by hawkprey69 April 18, 2010
4 1
a man that tries to look at your penis while you are stood at the public toilet urinal
stop looking at my dick you cock hawk
by pokka November 02, 2011
2 0
When someone goes to cough but instead just spits into their mouth.
Nothing beats being woken up by the village cock hawk.
by SkeezTrainer November 01, 2011
0 2
A teenage girl who is known for her angry, selfish, stuck up and snobbish ways, but is known to suck a lot of cock. This makes her generally disliked by the entire school community.

See "Hawk"
Cock hawks are becoming more and more easy to find on craigslist.
by cock hopper September 02, 2009
3 7
A person (hawk) hunting for roosters (cocks), then open their beak (mouth) and eat their pray (give a blow-job).
Paris Hilton is a cock hawk.
by loco asshole February 14, 2005
10 29