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when trading and you have a sizable profit under your belt, the cockgoblin is the small green/grey freak who will gobble your profits and your dignity in the blink of an eye...
"That fuck Trichet has started speaking, and the cockgoblin has has stolen my money.... fuck you cockgoblin"

"Oh Cockgoblin, you gobbled all of my profits yesterday, I have no more left to give..."

(To the tune of MC Hammer) "Stop.... Gobble Cock"
by windy miller May 04, 2006
7 17
1) someone who gobbles the cock
2) a little goblin who resides in the underwear and at night snuggles with the cock.
by Gabby June 02, 2003
274 67
A small street hooker, normally under 5 foot 1 inch, who has uncanny ability to magnetize cocks around her all times. Characterized by stubby fingers, big head, whorish clothing, and occasionly a greenish tint that may be reaveled when make up wears off when having sex in the shower.
I can't believe you let the cock goblin eat your ass hole Alex.
by Josh Packer September 22, 2008
89 22
Any male who takes an interest in sucking and/or fondling other males' cocks.
Qarxu just can't keep himself away from Mhalgrim's cock: what a cockgoblin!
by Dmitry November 19, 2003
50 14
A monster that is a fusion between a rooster and a goblin
This monster has a goblin head and a rooster body.
Run! Here comes the Cock Goblin!
by Gameritz July 10, 2008
73 47
Someone or something that enjoys penis very much in them.
Cock goblins are also known as whores, sluts, skanks, dick licks, bobble heads, hood rats etc.
Brittany fucks a lot of people at school this year, yeahh shes a total cock goblin!
by Cock Goblin Master October 24, 2007
50 31
Term used for some who acts the fool.

Word can describe someone that fucks someone else over.

Term used for someone acting like a bitch.
"You're a fucking cockgoblin dude."

"Cockgoblin narc bitch."
by Shane Mac. December 20, 2004
29 13
Someone who consumes massive amounts of penis.

There is only one cockgoblin residing in the U.S today.
Originally known as Kis the cockgoblin he now goes by the handle of Chris Kaufman of Houston Tx.
Beware the next cock that he goes after may be your own
Have you seen that Cockgoblin Chris?
by King Guerilla August 08, 2008
16 7