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One who gobbles cock.
Man, whats with Jim today, he sure is bein' a cockgobbler.
by Path July 22, 2002
167 73
One who is constantly and franticly putting penis in their mouth or a person who carries the demeanor of one that gobbles cock.
Damn, she is such a cock gobbler. Frankly I can't picture her without a dick in her mouth.
by Elfonzo January 15, 2003
466 116
A.S.V.W Gobbler of the cock. Someone that likes the cock meat sammich.
Aaron is such a Cock Gobbler that he ate the whole foot long cock meat sammich by himself and it had extra creamy dressing on it..
by DJNinjaman July 01, 2010
151 56
one who voraciously sucks weiners
phil is a total cock gobbler
by daddy March 09, 2004
205 128
An individual with loose morals who inserts a phallus into his/her oral cavity, and applies vigorous suction until ejaculation has commenced.
Jimmy is a cock gobbler and likes to teabag those wet testicles.
by Darwen Ledger April 10, 2003
177 114
Girls who love giving blowjobs...Girls who are good at giving blow jobs...
Man , that chick i hooked up with was a cockgobbler !!!

My Ex-wife Susan was a cockgobbler, she sucked allnite long !!!

Hey Girl , its thanksgiving, you wanna be my cockgobbler !!!
by Heyman3000 February 11, 2010
72 22
One who enjoys munching or consuming cock. Any cock will do, but if this individual is a ballwasher (see definition) then they now will only gobble high dollar cock (ie bosses, managers, corporate people) Usually these individuals have no other motivation other then liking cock to be a cockgobbler.
"Jared is such a cockgobbling ballwasher. All he does all day is wash and gobble."
by Govenor Tarkin February 23, 2004
77 47