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v. clockflocks, cockflocked, cockflocking
1. v. intr. To help a friend get women by saying positive things about him.

2. v. tr. The act of grouping women to the penis of a cherished friend.

3. n. The group of women who congregate around the penis of a popular man.

also: cockflocker - one who cockflocks for a friend.

Ant. Cockblock
1. I ran cockflock for my bro since I had NO chance of getting any at the Kappa Sig party.

2. I owe Nick so much since he cockflocked the ladies to me by casually mentioning that I have a big penis.

3. Chad Johnson had to give up his cockflock after he married his cheerleader girlfriend.
by NickC November 22, 2005
5 2
When you have a really hot girl by you, sometimes your own girlfriend and then comes a bunch of dudes who think there game is tight as shit come over.
Here comes a cock flock.
by Troncon April 27, 2007
11 5
verb, The opposite of cock block. When you have a single girlfriend who is looking for a man, you and your other girl friends work together to bring more men here way.
Candace hadn't been laid in 6 months and was determined to find a man at the club that night. Her girls all promised to cock flock for her to help her succeed in her goal.
by leslieelsaifi October 03, 2010
3 2
When you see a loaner douchebag sitting all by himself in a booth until 2 of his boys come in and sit next to him on both sides, hence the skein (v-shaped formation)
You spot a man smoking a hookah suspiciously by himself. 20 minutes later he is joined by 2 equally dull chaps sitting symmetrically next to him. You announce to your group that the "cock flock" has recovered its leader and is now back in formation
by Jubei the Apache January 26, 2010
2 1
A moderate to massive sized group of douchebag guys walking to a party together without any girls
Wow dude look at that cock flock. It's taking up the whole sidewalk
by g-rizzthriz September 10, 2009
2 1
A host of male clubbers too gay to travel with female accompaniment.
"Hah, I'll bet that cock-flock will settle for a circle-jerk when they realize they're more pussy than those fat-crotched senioritas over there!"
by horticulture_steve December 05, 2007
2 2