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A hybrid of cock (penis) and flap (labia). Obviously in this masculine context, the 'flap' component takes on a new non-specific connotation, though probably equates to foreskin.
Used as a term of abuse: "You total fucking cockflap!"
by Harry Garry Larry Barry Parry October 29, 2007
1 6
1. A plumbing term - cock flaps are the flanges within the mechanism of a stop cock that stop the flow of water.

2. Flaps for a cock. Not to be confused with Cock Flasps
I'm sorry Mr Jenkins, but your whole Cock Flaps assembly will need replacing.
by Cock Flasp August 21, 2006
18 9
A womens beef curtains / labea / fanny flaps.
"I saw her naked the other day and her cock flaps were dangling like a large lettuce."
by unclechicken May 02, 2010
2 0