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A process that is more commonly practiced among homosexual men, in which one "fights" the other with their reproductive organ, usually for sexual gratification.
Bill - "You wanna go to my room for cockfighting"?"
John - "Yes!"
by Prefer to remain Anonymous November 19, 2005
12 26
The act of a male to conceal an inevitable erection occurring in a public location often for absolutely no credible reason. Common strategies include visualization of overweight women or holstering ones penis upward via the waistband of the pants.
Dave got a boner during his best man speech. His attempt at cock fighting proved unsuccessful.
by Wonder Kibbles January 08, 2012
3 5
When two males fight over available pussy.
Bruce and Don were cock fighting over drunk Mary, who notoriously fucks any guy that takes the slut home.
by Anal Czar September 18, 2010
7 9